Available Rehome Cats

On this page we advertise cats who have come into rehome who are now ready to go to their new homes. If you meet the criteria for any of the cats below and are interested in giving a cat a new home then please email us on tbrccrehome@gmail.com. One of our rehome people will then contact you.  We only take applications from people wishing to take on a rehome cat as and when they become available. We do not keep a waiting list. 

Also please, check out our friends at Ragdoll Rescue https://www.ragdoll-rescue.co.uk who may have some cats needing a home. 

Brian & Charlie need forever homes!


Charlie is a three year old seal bicolour, and he was rehomed through us a couple of months ago but very sadly he has had to come back into our care as we had placed him in a home with two other cats because he seemed to get along with our foster carers' other cats, but unfortunately things did not go well and there was a lot of fighting and he had become aggressive. Before this he originally came into our care because he had not taken to a change in his living situation and had become aggressive. Our foster carer has worked patiently with Charlie and he has improved a lot now he has settled but he can still be feisty, so for this reason he is looking for a home with a experienced cat owner and no children or other pets. Charlie is happiest spending lots of time outdoors, so he would ideally like to live somewhere very rural where he can explore safely, or alternatively a secure cat proofed garden or large catio. He talks non stop, loves being brushed and has a big appetite! He wants attention all the time and will give the odd nibble to fingers when over excited but there is no malice. Charlie is currently in foster care in Stoke on Trent. Please email us at tbrccrehome@gmail.com for an application form.


Brian is a two year old blue tabby colourpoint. He came to us as he was trying to escape and his owners were unable to cat proof the garden. He is therefore looking for a home with secure outdoor access, either a catio or cat proof garden, or someone who would be willing to install this. This lively boy loves attention and being made a fuss of, so would like his new humans to be at home most of the time. He is looking for a home where he is the only pet and no young children please, as he can get stressed when things are too busy so he would prefer a quieter home. He has a lovely nature and is very friendly. He enjoys being brushed. He is very active and will climb up anything he can so he would like a home with lots of enrichment, cat trees, etc and be prepared for him to climb your bookcases. He uses his scratching posts but does sometimes scratch the furniture too. When not busy climbing everything he will sleep for hours in a cardboard box and likes to gather his toys in his box for safe keeping. Brian is currently in foster care in Bristol. Please email us at tbrccrehome@gmail.com for an application form.