Available Rehome Cats

On this page we advertise cats who have come into rehome who are now ready to go to their new homes. If you meet the criteria for any of the cats below and are interested in giving a cat a new home then please email us on tbrccrehome@gmail.com. One of our rehome people will then contact you.  We only take applications from people wishing to take on a rehome cat as and when they become available. We do not keep a waiting list. 

Also please, check out our friends at Ragdoll Rescue who may have some cats needing a home. 


Pippin is a beautiful four year old blue bicolour who came into our care as his owner was very allergic to him. 

He is looking for a quiet home with no young children or other pets where he can relax and be himself as he is a nervous cat who is likely to hide away at first. He loves company (on his terms of course – he is a Ragdoll!) so would ideally like a home where someone is around for most of the time so that he can be spoilt with lots of fuss and attention. He will even reward you by playing hide and seek or allowing you to give him a paw massage. Access to a secure garden or catio, and your bed at night would be most welcome.

Pippin had a dental procedure in March 2024 and needed 4 teeth removed. He has issues with tooth resorption so his vet has recommended twice yearly check-ups and a scale/polish with dental x-rays at least every other year to monitor this condition. It is possible that he may need all of his teeth removed in the future.

Pippin is currently in foster care in Bristol. If you are interested in Pippin please email us at tbrccrehome@gmail.com

Reggie and Willow 

Reggie and Willow came into our care as Reggie was sadly extremely unsettled living in a small flat with his owner out at work. His loving owner got Willow as company for him and consulted a cat behaviourist but unfortunately he continued to be very unsettled and was crying a lot. Whilst in our foster carer's home he has not displayed any of this behaviour so they are looking for a larger home so that Reggie can feel at ease and ideally a catio or cat-proofed garden (or the option to install this) as they have lots of energy. 

Reggie (seal mitted) is three years old and Willow (blue tabby colourpoint) is two years old. 

They would like somebody at home most of the time as Reggie seems much more settled with this. They are fine with children but would like to be the only pets please. Reggie is a confident cat who loves meeting new people and goes straight up to say hello. He has a curious habit of sucking earlobes so be prepared for this! He does not enjoy being brushed but he is a lovely gentle cat. Reggie loves to sit in the conservatory watching the birds so he would love to have this or the option for some outside space with his new family. Willow adores Reggie and follows him around like his shadow. Reggie is not always keen on this and sometimes results in some squabbles!! However on the whole they adore each other and can often be found curled up grooming each other. Willow loves a belly rub. She can be a bit nervous of new people but will soon come out of her shell. She sometimes likes to sit on a lap. She likes being brushed and is a very sweet and gentle cat. Both Reggie and Willow are very playful and Reggie especially needs lots of stimulation and games to keep him happy and entertained. 

Reggie and Willow are in foster care in Chepstow in South Wales. If you think you could be their purrfect new family please email us at tbrccrehome@gmail.com for an application form