TBRCC Breeder Members

The breeders listed on the above download are not TBRCC registered breeders. They are fully paid up ordinary members of TBRCC and are bound by TBRCC rules and GCCF rules and code of ethics. https://www.gccfcats.org/

Please follow this link to read important information on buying a pedigree Ragdoll kitten/cat Kitten buyers guide  Also, visit our kitten list and adult cat list to see what cats are available Available Kittens & Available Adults

Buyers are advised to use their own judgment when visiting and buying from any breeder, TBRCC do not inspect any breeders premises and accept no responsibility for the future health of any cat/kitten from any breeder

Note for  members listed on this download: if your details  need changing then please email Candice Parker info@eiserblew.co.uk. 

To view a list of TBRCC Registered Breeders who have signed up to the registered breeder criteria please follow this link. TBRCC Registered Breeders

If you are a fully paid up member of TBRCC and would like to be included on the list then please follow this link to download the breeder list application form. Forms & Downloads