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30 day Fundraising Challenge

We need your help to raise £300 to help with the treatment and care of Ragdolls who come into the TBRCC Rehome Group through no fault of their own. It's simple just click on our Just Giving Page for details:https://crowdfunding.justgiving.com/TBRCCrehome
A donation of £5 can provide food and accommodation for one day.
With your help we can assist more cats just like Missy, she came into the group as her owner suddenly passed away, she needed a special home, someone who could provide her with the love and attention she so desperately needed. After weeks in care with one of our volunteer fosterers a suitable home was found, where she is now happily settled. None of this would have been possible without your kindness and support. Donations can start from as little as £1.00.

Please help us to reach our target, help spread this message and share.





We are receiving regular requests from members of the public seeking confirmation that breeders are members/registered breeders, after seeing statements from a breeder to that effect. We also receive
complaints from kitten buyers who were led to believe the breeder was a member of TBRCC. This
creates extra workload for the committee, who then need to cross reference the membership list and
reply to these enquiries.

If we find that the breeder concerned is not a member, we contact the breeder to highlight the mistake and politely request that they correct the error within a certain timeframe. If the breeder does not, then a disclaimer is put on the website. Whilst we apologise for any offence, we feel this is necessary and prevents a breeder being questionned by Trading Standards over incorrect advertising, and ourselves being involved in any private matter between a breeder and any other individual.



This site includes information about TBRCC, the Ragdoll breed, registered breeders,
available kittens, links to members websites and much, much more!




Bludiamonds Tygra (RAG a)


Bludiamonds Tygra

Owned by Miss Jennifer Spence, bred by Pepa Smith & Fiona Foster
Overall Best In Show - November 2014





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